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Affordable housing project update: Las Gladiolas community development

Now in full development phase, Las Gladiolas community development starts to materialize as the landmark affordable housing project we envisioned.

Follow us on this exciting journey, as we continue advancing Puerto Rico’s affordable housing transformation.

Creating a landmark a affordable housing project

This week, we visited the Las Gladiolas Community Development construction site. As you walk the barren land where construction is fully underway, you see the beauty of a design that is coming to fruition, and which has stayed true to our philosophy.

As you look around, you can also start to contemplate the individual, varied, and unique designs of some of the buildings. The tropical-traditional architectural design that is infused with a contemporary slant starts to become evident, as well as the hopes to create a safe and inviting social atmosphere that will benefit an entire community of mixed-income residents and visitors alike.  You can experience the space around the three-to-four story well proportioned structures which are grouped in a European-style new urbanist solution, that fits into the fabric of the city – instead of ignoring it.

About the project

The buildings have been meticulously designed to take advantage of existing sun and wind path patterns in order to maximize natural light, cross ventilation, and overall energy efficiencies throughout the day.

Rooftops will sport photovoltaic solar panels to offset traditional electricity costs and minimize the community’s environmental footprint. Exterior windows are double-paned in order to further reduce energy consumption by the buildings’ high-efficiency cooling systems. Ample parkways and green spaces are strategically placed throughout the neighborhood.


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